Overview: Track your time and task progress (Project Server 2010)

Project 2010

Applies to: Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-04-13

Microsoft Project Web App enables you to easily track the time you spend on a project's tasks, and the progress of those tasks toward completion. You can also enter time spent on administrative tasks, like vacation, travel, training, and sick leave. In this version of Project Web App, you can enter time and task progress by using the same view, or by using separate views.

What do you want to do?

There are several things that the site administrator needs to set up in Project Web App before team members can begin reporting their time and task progress.


Task Description

Set up time reporting periods

Time reporting periods are used on both the My Tasks and the My Timesheets pages, and they must be set up before either page can be used.

Line classifications (Project Server 2010 settings)

Timesheet line classifications are used to provide detail about project tasks. For example, you might have overtime classifications that include Holiday Time, Double Time, and so on.

Configure timesheet settings and defaults

Timesheets can be configured in several ways that apply business rules to how users are allowed to track time. This is where you can turn on single entry mode, which is new in this version of Project Web App.

Configure administrative time categories

By default, Project Web App provides three administrative time categories: Sick, Vacation, and Administrative. Your organization may have specific categories that meet your needs.

Configure task settings and display

Task progress updates can be configured in several ways to meet your organization's needs.

As team members work on tasks, they can enter the time they have spent on those tasks by using a timesheet, and enter progress toward task completion either in the same view as the timesheet (called single entry mode), or in a separate view, depending on how the site administrator has set up Project Web App.


Task Description

Report work on my timesheet

To start entering time spent on tasks, create your timesheet.

Report the status of my tasks

You can report your task progress on the same view as your timesheet, or in a view that is separate from your timesheet.

Add or remove a timesheet task (line)

If a task that you worked on during a time period is not showing up on your timesheet, you can add it as a separate line.

Add a task to my task status

If a task that you worked on during a time period is not showing up to report task progress, you can add that task to your status.

Once a team member submits a timesheet or task progress, the next step is for the approver(s) to review what has been submitted, and then approve or reject it.


Task Description

Approve or reject entire timesheets

If an approver has many timesheets pending approval, he or she may find it most efficient to approve or reject entire timesheets, rather than reviewing each timesheet line.

Approve tasks or timesheet lines

In this version of Project Web App, approvers can approve or reject individual task progress updates or timesheet lines.