Overview: Customize your enterprise project management solution (Project Server 2010)

Project 2010

Applies to: Project Server 2010

Topic Last Modified: 2011-04-13

Microsoft Project Server 2010 includes new features that help you customize what project, resource, and task data is displayed for users. It also includes new features that integrate with Excel Services in SharePoint, making it easier to create rich custom reports. With these new features, Project Server 2010 offers a flexible, unique enterprise project management solution for your organization.

What do you want to do?

Project Server 2010 lets you associate project types, resources, and custom fields with departments. This helps provide a focused view of project and task information based on which departments a user belongs to. For example, if Bob is assigned to the HR department, he will have a filtered view of the project types and custom fields available to those users who are part of the HR department. Although departments are not a security feature, they can be helpful in de-cluttering what a user sees, making it easier to find or provide the most suitable information about projects and tasks.


Task Description

Associate a resource with a department (Project Server 2010)

By associating a resource with a department, you make it so that resource has a filtered view of custom fields and project types available for that department.

Associate a custom field with a department (Project Server 2010)

By associating a custom field with a department, you make it so that the field is available only to resources that are also associated with that department.

Associate a project type with a department (Project Server 2010)

By associating a project type with a department, you make it so that only resources in that department can use that project type to propose or create a new project.

Add or edit an Enterprise Custom Field (Project Server 2010)

Add or edit an Enterprise Custom Lookup Table (Project Server 2010)

Use custom fields and lookup tables to capture data that may be unique to your project or organization. New to Project Server 2010 is the ability to add workflow-controlled custom fields and multi-lined custom fields.

In Project Server 2010, reporting is integrated with Excel Services, and additional data is available to include in your organization's reports. You can now include timesheet custom fields, portfolio data, project properties, and the Combined Work field. Reports are typically customized by the site administrator.


Task Description

Learn about the BI Center

The BI Center includes several default reports, and may include custom reports for your organization.

Create a reporting view (Project Server 2010)

Site administrators can create or modify the connections to data that is used in reporting, and also the templates used by the reports.