This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

Media Selection

On this page of the Windows® Internet Explorer® 9 Customization Wizard 9, you must specify which type of media you will use to distribute your custom package. You can select more than one media type, if needed.


Item Details

CD-ROM (with autorun program)

Select this option if you want to distribute your custom package using a CD-ROM. This option groups your custom package into a set of folders and provides support for autorun, which will appear when your users insert the CD-ROM into their computers. The package for this media type will be created in a folder named <systemdrive>:\builds\<buildnumber>\CD.


Select this option if you want to build your package on a local area network, or if you plan to move your package to one. The package for this media type will be created in a folder named <systemdrive>:\builds\<buildnumber>\FLAT.

Configuration-only package

Select this option to customize an existing installation of Internet Explorer 9. This option creates a file, Setup.exe, in a folder named <systemdrive>:\builds\<buildnumber>\BrndOnly. You can distribute this file on any media format or server. It customizes Internet Explorer features without installing Internet Explorer.

You cannot include custom components or Connection Manager profiles in a configuration-only package, because the size of the package would be greater than the capacity of a floppy disk.

Additional references

  • For more information about this stage of the Internet Explorer9 Customization Wizard 9, see Gathering Information.