The Attract Application

When you think of configuring the look and feel of the Attract application in Surface Shell, envision three layers that influence the effect of each other as shown in the following illustration:

Attract mode layers

This topic contains information on each of these three layers in the following sections:

For information about using the Surface Configuration Editor to configure the Attract application, see Attract Application Configuration Tasks.

The Water Layer

The water-like layer can be customized by specifying a color scheme of either light or dark. You can also choose a high contrast version of both the light or dark color schemes to provide maximum visibility for users with low vision. Because the water layer is the topmost layer, the effects are transparent to allow a background image to show through if one is configured.

Dark Color Scheme

The dark color scheme produces an overall deep navy-blue hue with a luminescent water-like overlay. This is the default color scheme, which cannot be changed if you are using the default Attract application background. It makes applications more legible in physical environments that are dimly lit, such as night clubs. The following illustration shows this color scheme:

Attract application

The Particle Layer

The particle layer is located directly under the water layer and interacts with the water effects. In the particle layer, particles of light circle around the main access point when Surface Shell is in the Attract application, emphasizing the water effects. The following illustration shows the water layer set to the dark color scheme:

Attract mode with particle layer enabled

The Background Image Layer

The bottom layer in the Attract application stack of layers is the background image. The water layer is transparent so the background image can easily be seen, but the water effect subtly interacts with the background image so that it appears to be under water when a user touches the screen as shown in the following illustration:

Attract mode with customized background image

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