Configuring XenServer Host Properties


Applies To: System Center 2012 SP1 - Virtual Machine Manager, System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager, System Center 2012 - Virtual Machine Manager

After you add Citrix XenServer hosts to Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), you can configure the host properties. You can configure the settings that are described in the following table.




  • View identity and system information for the host. This includes information such as processor information, total and available memory and storage, the operating system, and the type of hypervisor.

  • Enter a host description.

  • Configure whether the host is available for placement.

  • View or change the remote connection port.


Lists health status information for the host. Includes areas such as overall health, network health, and XenServer Common Information Model (CIM) state health. In the Status pane, you can also do the following:

  • View error details.

  • Refresh the health status.


The Repair all option does not apply to XenServer hosts.


Enables you to change the credentials that VMM uses to connect to the XenServer host, and to retrieve or view the host certificate.


The account that you specify must have root credentials on the XenServer host.


View or modify settings for CPU, memory, storage (including whether the storage is available for placement), network adapters, DVD/CD-ROM drives and Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) settings.

Virtual Machine Paths

Shows the virtual machines that reside on the host, together with status information.


The Add option to register virtual machines is not supported on a XenServer host.


Enables you to override host reserve settings from the parent host group, and configure reserved resources for the host. Configurable resources include CPU, memory, disk space, disk I/O and network capacity.


Shows storage that is allocated to the host.

Virtual Networks

Enables you to configure virtual networks. For more information about how to configure network settings, see How to Configure Network Settings on a Citrix XenServer Host.


Enables you to view the virtual machine paths that will be used during virtual machine placement on the host.

Servicing Windows

Enables you to select servicing windows.

Custom Properties

Enables you to assign and manage custom properties.

This section includes detailed information about how to configure network and Baseboard Management Controller (BMC) settings on a managed XenServer host.



How to Configure Network Settings on a Citrix XenServer Host

Describes how to configure network settings on a XenServer host, and how to view compliance information for physical network adapters on the host.

How to Configure Host BMC Settings in VMM

Describes how to configure BMC settings for a managed host. If a computer is configured for out-of-band management through a BMC, you can power the host on and off from the VMM console.