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Appendix 2: How to Use Windows XP Mode

The following section provides steps for setting up and using Windows® XP Mode to virtualize Internet Explorer® 6 and Internet Explorer 7 and provides best practices for running and securing your implementation. The configuration described in the sections that follow all assume that an Active Directory domain is already deployed. Be aware that if you follow the instructions in the Configure Windows XP Mode section to add a Windows XP Mode virtual machine to the domain, the virtual machine can then be managed in a separate organizational unit (OU) for configuration and updates.

How to Use Windows XP Mode to Virtualize Internet Explorer 6

The following procedures show the general steps for using Windows XP Mode to virtualize Internet Explorer 6.

Install Windows XP Mode

  1. From the Windows Virtual PC Website, download the appropriate version of Windows Virtual PC and download Windows XP Mode.

  2. Install Windows Virtual PC.

  3. Install WindowsXPMode_en-us.exe.

Configure Windows XP Mode

  1. Click Start, All Programs, Windows Virtual PC, and then Windows XP Mode.

  2. Accept the licensing terms, and then type and confirm a password for XPMUser.

  3. Select Help protect my computer by turning on Automatic Updates now. (recommended), and then click Start Setup.

  4. Wait for Windows XP Mode to configure and boot to the desktop.

  5. Click Start, right-click My Computer, and then click Properties.

  6. Click the Computer Name tab, and click Change.

  7. Select Domain. In the Domain field, type your domain name.

  8. When prompted for credentials, type the name and password of an account that has permission to join the domain.

  9. When prompted to restart your computer, click Yes, and wait for the virtual machine to reboot.

  10. Right-click Start, and then click Open All Users.

  11. Double-click Programs.

  12. Drag and drop the Internet Explorer icon from the desktop to the Programs folder, and close the Programs window.

  13. Click Start, and then click Log Off. Click the X button in the upper-right corner to put the virtual machine in hibernation.

Test Internet Explorer 6

  1. On the Windows 7 workstation, click Start, All Programs, Windows Virtual PC, Windows XP Mode Applications, and then click Internet Explorer (Windows XP Mode).

  2. Type the password that was defined during the setup of Windows XP Mode.

  3. Select the Remember my credentials check box.

  4. In the menu bar, click Help, and then click About Internet Explorer.

  5. Verify that the desired version of Internet Explorer is running.

Customize Internet Explorer 6

  1. From the Tools menu, select Internet Options.

  2. In the Home page address field, enter the URL address for your desired home page. Close the Internet Explorer window.

  3. Click Start, All Programs, Windows Virtual PC, and then Windows XP Mode Applications.

  4. Right-click Internet Explorer (Windows XP Mode), and then drag to the desktop.

  5. Select Copy here.

How to Secure Windows XP Mode

Windows XP Mode is an actual instance of running in a virtual machine, and it must be treated as such for security purposes. Use the following guidance to secure your applications:

Secure Windows XP Mode

  • Ensure that the appropriate antivirus/anti-malware software is installed on the operating system in the virtual machine. Be aware that the local security software on the host machine does not protect it.

  • Ensure that the virtual machine gets all the security updates through automatic updates or WSUS.

  • Ensure that any applications installed in the virtual machine get vendor updates when needed.

  • Disable unneeded services on the operating system running in the virtual machine.

Additionally, be sure to follow all the security guidelines in the Windows XP Security Compliance Management Toolkit.

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