Session Border Controllers Tested with Exchange Online UM


Applies to: Office 365 for enterprises

Topic Last Modified: 2012-10-05

The following session border controllers (SBCs) have been successfully tested for interoperability with Exchange Online. Note that the capabilities and compatibilities of SBCs can vary, and the required configurations can also vary depending on other equipment in your environment. Consult with the SBC manufacturer to see whether there are specific configuration notes for Unified Messaging in Office 365.

For information about how to set up Unified Messaging in Office 365 to work with an SBC, see Configuration Checklist: Configure Office 365 Unified Messaging to Work with a Session Border Controller.


Vendor Model Configuration notes Comments

Acme Packet

Net-Net 3820 or 4500

Acme Packet SBC in Microsoft Office 365 Unified Messaging

Dedicated SBC


Mediant 1000B MSBG

MSBG Session Border Controller (SBC) with IP PBX

Dedicated SBC


Mediant 1000B MSBG

MSBG Gateway and Session Border Controller (SBC) with Legacy PBX

SBC and IP gateway



Ingate SIParator Configuration Notes

Dedicated SBC


VX 1200 & VX1800

NET VX SBC Configuration Notes

SBC option for a VoIP gateway product

Note   Because SBCs are designed to sit on the network edge, they function as a firewall already. If you set up an SBC behind your organization’s firewall, it can cause configuration problems.