Tip: Manage the New Download Manager in Internet Explorer 9

Internet Explorer 9 includes a new download manager that helps users deal with downloads while helping IT administrators enforce better security policies throughout their networks.

When you select a link to download a file, such as a ZIP or EXE file, in Internet Explorer 9, a small dialog pops up at the bottom of your browser windows. Here you can select how you want to handle the file—for instance whether to download or save the file to your hard disk.


You can access the main download manager from within Internet Explorer by selecting the Tools button in the upper right corner of your browser window and then selecting View Downloads. Alternatively, you can press Ctrl-J.


The download manager also maintains a list of items you’ve downloaded.


The download manager includes some safety precautions to enhance security in your organization. For instance, it uses the new SmartScreen Filter as long as that feature is enabled. You can use Group Policy to enforce the use of the SmartScreen Filter in your organization. Group Policy settings for managing SmartFilter include:
  • Policy name: Turn off Managing SmartScreen Filter
    Path: Windows Components\Internet Explorer\Delete Browsing History
  • Policy name: Prevent users from bypassing SmartScreen Filter's application reputation warnings about files that are not commonly downloaded from the Internet
    Path: Windows Components\Internet Explorer
You can also use Group Policy to enforce whether users are able to delete the list of downloads displayed in the download manager:
  • Policy name: Prevent Deleting Download History
    Path: Windows Components\Internet Explorer

Tip by Matt Graven, TechNet Tips Editor.