Tip: New and Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9

With every version of Internet Explorer, Microsoft seems to beef up its selection of keyboard shortcuts. Here is a selection of useful shortcuts for Internet Explorer 9. Some of these are new in this version, some have been around for a while (but aren’t widely used), and some are classics that every user should be aware of.

Alt Displays the menu bar. This is particularly handy in Internet Explorer 9 since most of the interface elements have been hidden.

Alt + X Opens the Tools menu in the upper-right corner of the browser window.

Control + J Opens the Internet Explorer Download Manager.

Control + L Moves focus to the address bar with the current URL selected. This makes it easy to quickly enter a new address or copy the current address.

Ctrl + Shift + L Navigates to Web address saved in your clipboard.
(Note that if a text string is stored in the clipboard, this shortcut will automatically search on that term using your browser’s default search engine.)

Control + S Saves current page for offline viewing.

Alt + Home Opens the default home page.

Control + D Opens Add to Favorites dialog for current page.

Control + T Opens new browser tab.

Control + W Closes current browser tab.

Control + N Opens a new Internet Explorer window.

Control + + Zooms in.

Control + – Zooms out.

Control + Tab Moves through browser tabs (left to right).

Control + Shift + Tab Moves through browser tabs (right to left).

Alt + Right Moves forward through current browsing history.

Alt + Left Moves back through current browsing history.

F12 Opens the Developer Tools.

F11 Toggles Full Screen mode on and off.

F5 Refreshes the current page.

Ctrl + Shift + P Opens a new browser window with InPrivate browsing turned on.

Tip by Matt Graven, TechNet Tips Editor.