Tip: Internet Explorer 9 Setup Command Line Switches

Internet Explorer 9 supports a number of command line switches that can be used with the offline installer. To use these switches, you need to run the setup program from the command prompt. As an example, running the installer for Windows 7, you would use the following format: IE9-Windows7-86-enu.exe /switch1 /switch2. Here's an overview of switches you can use.

Help Options
/help Displays this document.
Setup Modes
/passive Run the installation without any input from the user.
/quiet Identical to /passive, however, do not show any user interface.
Setup Options
/update-no Do not check for Internet Explorer updates.
/ieak-full:<path> Reserved for Internet Explorer Administration Kit use.
/ieak-branding:<path> Reserved for Internet Explorer Administration Kit use.
/closeprograms Close programs automatically to allow installation without rebooting the system.
Restart Options
/norestart Do not restart after installation has completed.
/forcerestart If a restart is required after installation, restart automatically.
Miscellaneous Options
/log: <path> Create a log file at: <path>.
/x: <path> Extract the installation package contents at: <path>.