Tip: Manage Internet Explorer 9 with New Group Policy Settings

When you roll out Internet Explorer 9 to client systems throughout your organization, there are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to managing those systems with Group Policy.

Internet Explorer supports numerous Group Policy settings. These allow you to manage the browser and how users use it. This can be critical for keeping your network secure. Internet Explorer 9 adds new options that further enhance security and allow you to enforce policies for new features. (Besides security, some of these settings can streamline the interface and improve compatibility.)


To add support for these new Group Policy settings, an administrative template (ADMX file) is installed on client systems as part of the Internet Explorer 9 installation. New Group Policy settings in Internet Explorer 9 include:
  • Automatically enable newly installed add-ons
  • Disable add-on performance notifications
  • Turn off Managing SmartScreen Filter for Internet Explorer 9
  • Prevent users from bypassing SmartScreen Filter's application reputation warnings about files that are not commonly downloaded from the Internet
  • Turn on ActiveX filtering
  • Prevent configuration of top result search in the Address bar
  • Turn off Tracking Protection
  • Tracking Protection threshold
  • Show tabs on a separate row
  • Prevent Deleting Download History
  • Prevent Deleting ActiveX Filtering and Tracking Protection data
  • Install binaries signed by MD2 and MD4 signing technologies
  • Enable alternate codecs in HTML5 media elements
  • Go to an intranet site for a single word entry in the Address bar
  • Disable Browser Geolocation
  • Turn off ability to pin sites
  • Allow Internet Explorer 8 Shutdown Behavior
Note that when you upgrade your organization to Internet Explorer 9, remember to migrate Group Policy objects that are still applicable in the new version. This will help ensure continuity in the user experience from earlier versions of Internet Explorer to Internet Explorer 9.