Print File


Updated: May 13, 2016

Applies To: System Center 2012 SP1 - Orchestrator, System Center 2012 - Orchestrator, System Center 2012 R2 Orchestrator

The Print File activity prints text files to a printer that you specify. You can use this activity to print log files for paper filing before the data is moved or deleted from a server.

Before you configure the Print File activity, you need to determine the following:

  • File name you are printing.

  • Printer name

Use the following information to configure the Print File activity.

Details Tab

SettingsConfiguration Instructions
FileType the path and name of the file that you want to print.
PrinterType the path of the printer that will print the file.
AgeSpecify is less than or is more than to print the files that are older or newer, respectively, than the number of days that you specify.
daysEnter the number of days that you will use with the Age measure.

Published Data

The following table lists the published data items.

Origin folderThe path of the base folder where the file was printed from.
Number of successful file operationsThe number of files that were successfully printed.
Number of failed file operationsThe number of files that failed to print.
For each file:
Name and path of the fileThe path of the file that was printed.
Name of the printerThe printer that was used to print the file.