Check reversals lines (form) [AX 2012]

Updated: May 24, 2011

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Cash and bank management > Journals > Check reversals. Click Lines.

Use this form to review check reversals that have a status of Pending cancellation, and then post or reject the reversals. Check reversals are displayed in this journal only if a user reversed a check by clicking the Payment reversal button in the Checks form, and the Use review process for payment reversals check box is selected in the Cash and bank management parameters form.

To reject a reversal, delete the reversal line. The status of the check is no longer Pending cancellation.

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




View the journal lines for pending reversals in the check reversal journal that you selected.


View more information about the selected reversal line.


Enter or view information about the bank from which the payment was made.


View the history of the reversal line.




Open a menu that contains the following items:

  • Post and transfer – Post lines that do not have errors and transfer lines that have errors to a new journal.

  • Post – Post the selected lines. If an error exists, no lines are posted, and you receive a message.

The function that you select is performed on the lines that are selected on the Overview tab.


Open a menu that contains the following items:

  • Validate – Verify that the lines are ready for posting.

  • Validate voucher only – Verify that the selected line is ready for posting.

Financial dimensions

View information about financial dimensions, such as the default dimensions and where the dimensions are used in account structures and advanced rule structures.


View information about the selected line, depending on the posting status of the line.

For example, before you post the line, click Bank transactions to view the bank transactions for the bank account that is specified on the voucher transaction.


Print reports that are relevant to the reversal lines.




The balance, total debit, or total credit for the journal.

Per voucher

The balance, debit, or credit for the selected journal line.


View or enter the posting date for the journal line.

The default entry is the system date, which typically is today's date. If you change the date, the date that you enter is the default date when you create a new line.


The voucher number for the transaction.

If the number sequence for the journal name is set to Continuous in the Journal names form, and no user changes are allowed, this field is not available.

Account type

Select one of the following options for the account type:

  • Ledger

  • Customer

  • Vendor

  • Project

  • Fixed assets

  • Bank


Enter or view the account to use.


Enter a description for the transaction.


Enter the debit amount in the currency that is selected in the Currency field.


Enter the credit amount in the currency that is selected in the Currency field.

Offset account type

Select one of the following options for the account type for the offset account:

  • Ledger

  • Customer

  • Vendor

  • Project

  • Fixed assets

  • Bank

Offset account

Enter or view the account for the selected offset account type, or accept the default entry.


The currency code for the journal line.

Bank transaction type

The bank transaction type that is used for payment.

Check number

The identifier of the bank check that is being reversed.

Payment reference

The reference or text that describes the check reversal.

Reason code

The reason code for the reversal, if a reason code was entered when the check was reversed. You can enter or change the reason code.


A reason code is required if the Require reasons for payment reversals check box is selected in the Cash and bank management parameters form.

Reason comment

The reason description.

If you select a reason code before you enter a reason comment, the default comment that is set up for the reason code is displayed. You can change the comment.


If this check box is selected, the transaction is a transfer. Click the History tab to view more details about transfers.

Company accounts

Select the legal entity that is associated with the vendor for this transaction.

Offset company accounts

If you are using intercompany accounting, enter the three-character code that defines the legal entity in which the journal line transaction is offset. The transaction between accounts is posted in the Intercompany accounting form for both legal entities.

Offset-transaction text

If a description other than the description that is entered in the Description field should be used, enter it here.

Exchange rate

Select the currency exchange rate that applies to the transaction.

Secondary exchange rate

Select the currency exchange rate to use for the secondary currency.

Cross rate

The cross rate for the transaction.

Calculation method

The basis for the calculation of the cross rate.

Reconcile at posting

Select this check box to reconcile this transaction when it is posted.

Reported as ready by

The user who reported the journal as ready.

Approved by

The user who approved the journal.

Rejected by

The user who rejected the journal.

Posted on

The date of the final posting in the journal.

Foreign company accounts

The other legal entity where the voucher has been posted.

Foreign voucher

The voucher number in the other legal entity, if the transaction is an intercompany transaction.

Transferred on

The transfer date for the transaction.

Transferred by

The user who transferred the voucher.

Transferred to journal

The number of the journal that the transaction was transferred to.

Errors detected

Any error messages for the voucher and the actions that were taken.

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