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AdtAdmin.exe /UpdGroup


The /UpdGroup parameter renames an existing group. Groups are used in ACS to organize ACS forwarders.

AdtAdmin.exe /UpdGroup {/Group:<ExistingName> | /GroupID:<IdentificationNumber>} /Name:<NewName>




Specifies an ACS group to rename. You can specify the group using its name or identification number.


Identifies the ACS group to rename by its group name.


Identifies the ACS group to rename by its group identification number.


Specifies the new name for the ACS group.


A group’s identification number can be obtained using the AdtAdmin /ListGroups command.

Use the following example to rename the Accounting Computers ACS group to "Desktop Computers":

AdtAdmin /UpdGroup /Group:"Accounting Computers" /Name:"Desktop Computers"

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