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ServiceClient.VersionCopy Method (International, Guid, String, String)


Makes a copy of a version, which includes making a copy of all entity member data.

Namespace:   Microsoft.MasterDataServices
Assembly:  Microsoft.MasterDataServices (in Microsoft.MasterDataServices.dll)

public OperationResult VersionCopy(
	International International,
	Guid FromVersionId,
	string ToVersionDescription,
	string ToVersionName


Type: Microsoft.MasterDataServices.International

The cultural settings.

Type: System.Guid

The version identifier from which the copy is made.

Type: System.String

The description for the new version copy.

Type: System.String

The name for the new version copy.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.MasterDataServices.OperationResult

An OperationResult object that represents the result of the operation.

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