Project planning overview [AX 2012]

Updated: October 6, 2014

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The following topics provide information about project planning.

Set up projects

Manage project budgets and forecasts

Generate and manage project quotations

The following table lists the forms that support the project planning business process component. The table entries are organized by business process component task and then alphabetically by form name.


Some forms in the following table can be opened only if prerequisite information or parameter settings have been entered in the system.

Business process component task

Form name


Set up projects

Beginning balance journal

Create, maintain, validate, post, print, approve, and reject beginning balance journals.

Cost template

Set up the project cost template. A cost template is a method for outlining the estimate information about fixed-price projects.

Create a subproject

Create a subproject.

Create collaboration workspace

Set up a new shared workspace for a project.

Create estimate

Create an estimate that has a specified estimate date. The estimate includes all transactions that occur on or before the estimate date and which have not been included in any previous estimate.

Create project

Create a project.

Delete collaboration workspace

Remove the association between a collaboration workspace and a project and delete the collaboration workspace.

Delink collaboration workspace

Remove the association between a collaboration workspace and a project but do not delete the collaboration workspace.


Process revenue postings and work in progress (WIP) postings for fixed-price and investment projects that are associated with an estimate project.

Estimate projects

Define which projects should be categorized as estimate projects. Associate projects with the individual estimate projects.

Estimate template

Create and maintain cost lines for cost estimates in a project.

Funding source details

View or update details for a customer, organization, or grant that has been selected as a funding source for a project contract.

Grant details

Create new grants or maintain the details for existing grants, such as project statements, dates, and deadlines. Enter information about the organization that provided the grant and the staff members who manage it.

Journal lines for beginning balances

Create transaction lines for a beginning balance journal.

Journal lines for hours

Journal voucher

Journal lines, inventory

Create and view individual lines for journals.




Create, maintain, validate, post, print, approve, or reject journals for hours, expenses, items, and fees.

Link collaboration workspace

Create an association between a collaboration workspace and a project.

Microsoft Project Server integration settings

Install and enable integration between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Project Server.

New project contract

Create a project contract.

Project contracts

Maintain project contracts. Project contracts contain invoicing information, such as accounts payable information, addresses, and details about which customers, organizations, or grants are responsible for invoice costs. By using a project contract, you can invoice several projects at the same time. A project contract also helps guarantee that the same invoicing procedure is used for each subproject in a project structure.

Project copy wizard

Create a project that is based on the structure of an existing template project.


Create and maintain base data for projects, such as the project number, name, project contract, group, project status, and sales prices. Set up Microsoft Project Server project integration.

Specify funding rule allocations

Enter a number to represent the percentage of funding that you want a particular funding source to be responsible for.




Manage project budgets and forecasts

Allocate budget

Allocate budget amounts for a specific time period.

Copy forecasts

Copy one project forecast model to another model, or copy specific transaction types from one model to another.

Copy forecasts to ledger

Copy a forecast model or specific transaction types from a project forecast model to a general ledger budget model.

Delete forecasts

Delete a forecast model or delete specific transaction types from a model.

Forecast models

Create and manage forecast models. A forecast model names and defines a specific forecast.

Hour forecasts

Expense forecasts

Item forecasts

Fee forecasts

On-account forecasts

Enter the expected number of hours, amount of expenses, number and cost of items, fees, or on-account transactions that you expect to invoice to customers for a project.

Project budget

Create and maintain a project budget. Select forecast models for original and remaining budgets. Submit a budget for approval.

Project budget allocation

Revise an unapproved budget allocation, or view the budget allocations that have been approved for a project.

Project budget balances

View the balances of budgeted and actual revenues and costs for a project.

Project budget carry-forward process

Carry forward any remaining project budget amounts to future years and, optionally, transfer those amounts to the associated general ledger accounts.

Project budget revision

Make revisions to a previously approved project budget.

Project budget revision allocation

Change an unapproved budget revision allocation, or view the budget revision allocations that have been approved for a project.

Project budget revisions

View revisions for an approved original project budget or make changes to the revisions.

Project management and accounting parameters

Activate and configure default settings for budget control. Define default options for budget overruns for projects. Specify a default forecast model.


Configure budget settings for a specific project.

Workflow history

View details about the status and history of the budget workflow. Reassign a workflow task to another worker or cancel the workflow for a project budget.




Generate and manage project quotations

Alternative quotations

Enter one or more alternative quotations that you want to link to original quotations.

Cancel quotation

Update a quotation to the status of Canceled.

Confirm quotation

Confirm that a quotation has been accepted by a customer and update its status to Confirmed.

Copy from all

Copy information from a purchase order, a purchase agreement, a packing slip, an invoice, or an existing request for quotation (RFQ) to a new RFQ.

Create quotation

Create a new sales quotation or project quotation for a customer or a prospect.

Delete quotations

Delete multiple quotations at the same time.

Letter of guarantee

Create a letter of guarantee request for the vendor and submit it to the bank. After the bank approves the request, the letter of guarantee is issued to the beneficiary.

Lose quotation

Update the status of a quotation to Lost after it has been rejected by a customer.

Mass create quotations

Create multiple quotations at the same time.

Project quotation

Create, modify, and inquire about project quotations for customers or prospects.

Quotation template groups

Create and maintain quotation template groups.

Sales quotation

Create, modify, and inquire about sales quotations for customers or prospects.

Send quotation

Send a sales quotation to a customer and update its status to Sent. A quotation cannot be modified after it is sent to a customer.

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