Event log (form) [AX 2012]

Updated: March 30, 2011

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click Procurement and sourcing > Common > Catalogs > Vendor catalogs. On the Vendor catalogs list page, double-click a vendor catalog. In the Update catalog form, on the Catalog file history FastTab, select a catalog maintenance request file, and then click Event log.

Use this form to view the processing status for catalog maintenance request (CMR) files that have been imported either by the vendor or by the purchasing manager or purchasing agent. The CMR files contain the product details and product images that are submitted by the vendor for import into the procurement catalog.

The following table provides descriptions for the controls in this form.



Catalog name

The name of the catalog that was imported.

File name

The name of the CMR file.

Uploaded by

The user who uploaded the CMR file.

Created by

The user who created the CMR file.

Processing status

The status of the CMR file as it is processed for import. Values include the following:

  • Start processing – The CMR file has been submitted for import by the vendor or the purchasing agent.

  • Start catalog upload – The CMR file has been submitted and is in process.

  • Catalog upload failed – An error occurred after the file was submitted for processing, and the CMR file was not imported. The upload process can fail for several reasons. For example, if the file exceeds the maximum size allowed, or if too many files were submitted at the same time.

  • Catalog upload complete – The CMR file was successfully uploaded.

  • Validating with schema – The CMR file is validated against the most current schema for catalog import.

  • Invalid CMR – The CMR file does not comply with the current schema for catalog import. If the CMR file was created by using an outdated schema, the vendor or purchasing agent must re-create the file by using the current schema.

  • Import complete – The products and images were successfully copied from the CMR file to the staging tables in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Pending approval – The CMR file is in review and waiting for approval by the purchasing agent.

  • Product rejections – Products in the CMR file were rejected for import into the procurement catalog. Product rejections are indicated by a warning during the import process, and the file continues to be processed for products that are approved.

  • Approval complete – The purchasing agent has completed the review of the products and images that are contained in the CMR file.

  • Finish processing – Approved products and images were added to the product master in Microsoft Dynamics AX and trade agreement journals were created. The data in the CMR file was passed to the archive folder for the vendor.


    Products are added to the product master, and trade agreement journals are created, only for the legal entities that are selected in the Release approved products form. For more information about how to create trade agreement journals and how to add products to the product master for vendor catalog files, see Validate and approve imported catalogs.

Message type

The reason that the message was generated. Values include the following:

  • Info – An informational message that describes each phase of the catalog import process.

  • Warning – A warning message that is generated during the product validation phase of the catalog import process. A warning message is generated when a request to update or delete a product is included in the CMR file, but the product is not found in the product master.

  • Error – A detailed explanation of the errors that occurred during the import process. All errors must be corrected, and the file must be resubmitted.

Announcements: To see known issues and recent fixes, use Issue search in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).