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Categorized Web Service Operations (Master Data Services)

The Master Data Services web service contains a complete set of operations that let you write code to control all of the features that Master Data Manager does through its user interface. The web service operations are defined by the Microsoft.MasterDataServices.IService interface and are implemented as methods in the Microsoft.MasterDataServices.ServiceClient class. This topic groups the web service operations into conceptual categories to help you understand how to use the web service API.

These operations are used to create, update, and delete models, as well as to operate on all the contents of a model, such as entities, hierarchies, and versions. For more information, see Models (Master Data Services).

These operations are used to get, update, and delete members. The set of members operated on can contain members from multiple entities. For more information, see Members (Master Data Services).

These operations are used to get attribute and hierarchy information. Attributes and hierarchies can also be modified by using the model operations, such as MetadataUpdate. For more information, see Attributes (Master Data Services) and Hierarchies (Master Data Services).

These operations are used to get and reverse transactions. For more information, see Transactions (Master Data Services).

These operations are used to import data into a Master Data Services database. For more information, see Importing Data (Master Data Services).

The following operations are used to import data by using the staging process included in SQL Server 2008 R2. These operations should be used only to support existing databases. For new development, use the previously listed operations.

These operations are used to export data through the use of subscription views. For more information, see Exporting Data (Master Data Services).

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