Active Operations Dialog Box


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Use the Active Operations dialog box to view the status of currently running Integration Services operations on the Integration Services server, such as deployment, validation, and package execution. This data is stored in the SSISDB catalog.

For more information about related Transact-SQL views, see catalog.operations (SSISDB Database), catalog.validations (SSISDB Database), and catalog.executions (SSISDB Database)

What do you want to do?

  1. Open SQL ServerManagement Studio.

  2. Connect Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine

  3. In Object Explorer, expand the Integration Services node, right-click SSISDB, and then click Active Operations.


Specifies the type of operation. The following are the possible values for the Type field and the corresponding values in the operations_type column of the Transact-SQL catalog.operations view.

Integration Services initialization1
Operations cleanup (SQL Agent job)2
Project versions cleanup (SQL Agent job)3
Deploy project101
Restore project106
Create and start package execution200
Stop operation (stopping a validation or execution202
Validate project300
Validate package301
Configure catalog1000

Click to stop a currently running operation.

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