Summary Page (AlwaysOn Availability Group Wizards)

This help topic describes the options of the Summary page. This topic applies to the New Availability Group Wizard, Add Replica to Availability Group Wizard, Add Database to Availability Group Wizard and Fail Over Availability Group Wizard of SQL Server 2012. Use the grid on this page to review your choices for the new availability group. To make one or more changes, click Previous to return to the relevant page or pages. When you are ready, click Next to return to the Summary page. Once you are satisfied with your choices, click Finish.


Click to generate a Transact-SQL script for the actions listed in the summary grid. You will be prompted to specify a destination for the script.


Click to return to the page immediately preceding the current page. You can use the Previous button to navigate backward to any of the preceding pages and, optionally, change any of your specified values.


Once you are satisfied with your choices, click to make the wizard proceed with creating the availability group.


Click to cancel the wizard. On the Summary page, cancelling the wizard causes it to exit without performing any actions.

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