Tip: Capture and Analyze Network Traffic with Internet Explorer 9

With Internet Explorer 9, the F12 developer tools have added a new Network tab, which allows you to analyze network traffic. You can capture and analyze data about network traffic save the captured data, search for specific elements, and more.

To begin, you need to open the F12 developer tools (you can do this by opening your browser and pressing the F12 key) and then select the Network tab.


Then select the Start Capturing button so Internet Explorer will begin to save and display details about all network traffic activity.


Once you enable capturing, browse to a page or reload the page you are on to capture traffic data. You’ll see an overview of all the traffic associated with the current page (such as .css and .js requests and responses), information about file locations, and timings. The yellow bar for a connection represents the request time and the blue bar represents the response time.

Clicking the Go To Detailed View (or double-clicking on a particular item) lets you dig deeper into the details of each event. You’ll find, for instance, details about cookies associated with individual elements and timings, which can be valuable when troubleshooting problems.


When you’re through, select the Stop Capturing button to stop storing data about network traffic. If you want, you can export all the data you captured to an XML or CSV file to be analyzed later. Note that you won’t use the F12 tools to open these exported data files. You’ll need to use a different application, such as Excel to open a CSV file.


Tip by Matt Graven, TechNet Tips Editor.