(ITA) Generate, print, and export the Intrastat report [AX 2012]

Updated: March 23, 2011

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Legal entities in Italy must submit a periodic list that contains the reverse charges that are calculated on Value Added Tax (VAT) sales transactions with other VAT-registered entities in the European Union (EU). You can generate this Intrastat report based on the purchase and sales of products and services. The transactions are compressed to include services and foreign currency transactions, and the printed Intrastat report will include service information. The Intrastat report is exported as an ASCII file and submitted to the customs office.

You must complete the following tasks before you generate the Intrastat report:

  • Set up the Intrastat transaction code and transport method as single digit codes in the Transaction codes and Transport method forms.

  • Set up the delivery terms, port, and statistical procedures for Intrastat reporting in the Modes of delivery, Port, and Statistics procedure forms.

  • Assign six-digit commodity codes for services and two, four, or eight digit codes for products in the Commodity codes form. The weight, transaction code, additional units, port, terms of delivery, transport mode, and statistical procedure are not required for services.

Use the following procedures to set up Intrastat parameters, transfer Intrastat transactions, and generate the Intrastat report.

Use the Foreign trade parameters form to specify the compression mode and the county of origin or destination for the Intrastat report.

  1. Click Organization administration > Setup > Foreign trade > Foreign trade parameters.

  2. On the Intrastat link, in the County of origin/destination field, select the county of origin or destination for the transactions.

  3. Click Compress to open the Compression of Intrastat form.

  4. In the list of Available fields, select Currency, and then click < to add fields in the Selected field.

  5. Click OK to close the Compression of Intrastat form.

  6. In the Foreign trade parameters form, click the Check setup tab, and then select the County check box to include county details.

  7. Close the form to save your changes.

You must transfer the purchase and sales transactions to the Intrastat form, and then verify the details before you generate the Intrastat report. In the Intrastat report, the products are reported based on the invoice date. The services are reported based on the document date.

  1. Click Organization administration > Periodic > Foreign trade > Intrastat.

  2. Click Transfer IT to open the Selection form.

  3. Select the purchase or sales transactions, and then click OK to transfer the transaction details in the Intrastat form.


    If the selected purchase or sales transactions do not contain the invoice date, method of payment, and mode of delivery, you must manually select these details on the General tab.

  4. Click the General tab, and then in the Invoice date field, enter the invoice date for the product or the document date for the service. If the document date is not available for the service, enter the invoice date.

  5. In the Method of payment and Mode of delivery fields, select the method of payment and mode of delivery for a product.

  6. In the Original Intrastat record, Customs code, and Statement number fields, enter the appropriate details if the transaction represents a correction to a previously reported Intrastat transaction.

  7. Click Validate to validate the transactions.

You can generate the Intrastat report that contains the Intrastat transactions as an ASCII file. You can also compress the Intrastat details to view as a single transaction based on the selection that you have made in the Compression of Intrastat form.

  1. In the Intrastat form, click Output > Diskette IT to open the Create Intrastat diskette in Italian layout form.

  2. In the File name field, select the file to import the Intrastat report to.

  3. Select the Export and Import check boxes to include Intrastat purchase and sales transactions.

  4. In the Start date and End date fields, select the starting date and the ending date of the reporting period.

  5. Click OK to generate the Intrastat report.

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