Select Databases Page (New Availability Group Wizard/Add Database Wizard)

This help topic describes the options of the Specify Databases page. This topic applies to the New Availability Group Wizard and Add Database to Availability Group Wizard of SQL Server 2012.

The User databases on this instance of SQL Server grid lists every local user database. The columns are as follows:


Displays the name of a local user database.


Displays the database size, if the size is available to the wizard.


Displays a hyperlink whose text that indicates whether a given database meets the prerequisites for being added to an availability group. If the status is "Meets prerequisites" you can add the database to the availability group. If a database does not meet all of the prerequisites, the Status hyperlink provides a brief explanation of why the database is ineligible. For more information, click the hyperlink.

You can leave the wizard on the Select Database page while you take action on a database to meet a prerequisite. When you return to the Select Databases page, click Refresh to update the grid.


Click to refresh the grid. This is useful after you take action on a database to meet a prerequisite.

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