Audit Fulltext Event Class


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

The Audit Fulltext event class occurs when SQL Server connects to and communicates with the full-text filter daemon process.

Data column nameData typeDescriptionColumn IDFilterable
ErrorintThe SQL Server error number, if this event reports an error.31Yes
EventSequenceintThe sequence of a given event within the request.51No
EventSubClassintType of connection used by the login. 1 = Nonpooled, 2 = Pooled.21Yes
IsSystemintIndicates whether the event occurred on a system process or a user process. 1 = system, 0 = user.60Yes
SessionLoginNamenvarcharLogin name of the user who originated the session. For example, if you connect to SQL Server using Login1 and execute a statement as Login2, SessionLoginName shows Login1 and LoginName shows Login2. This column displays both SQL Server and Windows logins.64Yes
SPIDintID of the session on which the event occurred.12Yes
StartTimedatetimeTime at which the event started, if available.14Yes
Successint1 = success. 0 = failure. For example, a value of 1 indicates success of a permissions check and a value of 0 indicates failure of that check.23Yes
TargetLoginNameintFor actions that target a login (for example, adding a new login), the name of the targeted login.42Yes
TargetLoginSidintFor actions that target a login (for example, adding a new login), the security identification number (SID) of the targeted login.43Yes
TextDatantextText information about the Full-Text event. Typically this field provides information about the connection between the SQL Server process and the full-text filter daemon process1Yes

Extended Events
sp_trace_setevent (Transact-SQL)

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