Role Center reference for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Role Centers are default home pages that provide an overview of information that pertains to your work, such as your work list, activities, frequently used links, and key business intelligence information.

This reference contains information about the default Role Centers that are shipped with Microsoft Dynamics AX. To browse the Role Centers for each functional area, click the links below. You can view a brief overview of the roles, and then download a document that includes details about the default information that is displayed on the Role Center for that role.

You can use these documents as references to learn more about the Role Center information, and to help plan for any modifications that you might want to make.

You can use Role Centers with both the Microsoft Dynamics AX Windows client and the Enterprise Portal web-based client. For more information about Role Centers, such as how to modify the pages to fit your needs, see the Role Centers information in the Applications and Business Processes Help within Microsoft Dynamics AX, or the Enterprise Portal Help.