Backward Compatibility (StreamInsight)

StreamInsight 1.2

This topic describes behavior changes and breaking changes introduced in the latest version StreamInsight. These changes in StreamInsight may require you to update your StreamInsight applications.

For information about known issues, see Microsoft StreamInsight 1.2 Release Notes. For information about the new features in this release, see What's New (StreamInsight).

The query state that was previously designated as QueryState.Suspended is now QueryState.Completed.

QueryState.Suspended now describes a resilient query that was in a running state before a system outage.

Also, new query states have been introduced. For the complete list of query states, see Monitoring the StreamInsight Server and Queries.

Timestamps that have DateTimeKind.Local are no longer supported for the alignment parameter of windows. The timestamps must have DateTimeKind.Utc.

StreamInsight requires at least Cumulative Update 4 for Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 Service Pack 2. You have to install SQL Server Compact to persist metadata or to use checkpointing.

The diagnostic view cep:/Server/Scheduler has been removed.

Edge input adapters now enforce that an edge end event carries a larger time stamp than its corresponding edge start event.

Traces captured by StreamInsight 1.2 can only be loaded in the Event Flow Debugger distributed with StreamInsight 1.2.

Additionally, the version 1.2 Event Flow Debugger cannot open traces captured by earlier versions of StreamInsight.