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What's New in SSMA for Sybase (SybaseToSQL)

SQL Server 2012

This topic lists SSMA for Sybase changes in each release.

The July 2014 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  1. Improved Azure SQL DB code conversion

  2. Extension pack functionality moved to schema to support Azure SQL DB

  3. Performance improvements tested for databases with over 10k objects

  4. UI improvements for dealing with large number of objects

  5. Highlighting of “well known” LOB schemas (so they can be ignored in conversion)

  6. Conversion speed improvements

  7. Show object counts in UI

  8. Report size reduction by more than 25%

  9. Improved error messages for unparsed constructs.

The April 2014 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  • Added support of MS SQL Server 2014.

  • Fixed bugs regarding conversion to Azure

  • Fixed bugs regarding invisible report pages in IE 10.

The January 2012 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  • Support for rollback trigger conversion.

  • Provided fix for converting @@ROWCOUNT and @@ERROR in the same SET statement.

The July 2011 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  • Improved error reporting during data migration.

The April 2011 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  • Consolidated “SSMA for Sybase” product, which supports SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, SQL Server “Denali” and SQL Azure.

  • Support for connecting and migrating to SQL Server “Denali”.

  • Brand new feature to convert and migrate Sybase databases to SQL Azure.

  • Enhanced client side data migration engine, supporting parallel migration of data.

  • Improved data migration performance with Simple and Bulk logged recovery models.

  • Case sensitive Sybase databases can be properly converted and migrated to case sensitive SQL Server.

  • Support for conversion of Sybase ASE Non-ANSI join statements to SQL Server ANSI join statements has been extended to DELETE and UPDATE statements.

  • Additional connectivity options for connecting to Sybase ASE servers using Sybase ASE ODBC provider and Sybase ASE ADO.Net providers.

  • Removal of dependency on a separate database called SysDB which contains the Sybase emulation functions (installed as part of Extension Pack).

  • SSMA for Sybase Extension Pack can now be installed on SQL Server clusters.

  • Backward compatibility of projects created by earlier versions of SSMA (v4.0 and v4.2).

  • SSMA for Sybase v5.0 product can be installed side by side (SxS) with older versions of SSMA (v4.0 and v4.2).

The July 2010 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  • Support for migrating to SQL Server 2008 R2

  • New SSMA Console application for command line execution

  • Support for Data Migration using both Server Side and Client Side Data Migration Engines

  • Support for “Custom SELECT” statement in data migration

  • Support for migrating from Sybase ASE 15.0.3 and 15.5

The June 2008 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  • SSMA Tester added, it automatically tests the database object conversion and the data migration made by SSMA. After all SSMA migration steps are finished, use SSMA Tester to verify that converted objects work the same way and that all data was transferred properly.

  • Pre-SQL conversion added. User now can specify temporary tables (and other objects) declarations for each source procedure to be used in conversion.

  • Improvements in object conversion:

    • Joins conversion revised.

    • Aggregates and non-aggregates without having/group by clauses.

    • The IDENTITY function with a SELECT INTO statement.

    • Clustered constraints and indexes on data-only-locked.

    • Temporary tables created by SELECT INTO.

    • Constraints / Indexes for temporary tables.

    • New SQL Server 2008 datetime types are supported.

    • Sybase 15.0 connectivity and datatypes support.

The May 2007 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  • When you save a project, loading database content is faster.

  • Support for user-entered comments the SQL Server formatted SQL mode.

  • Improvements in object conversion.

Note that the Help file was not updated for this release. For more information, see the Documentation Notes section later in this topic.

The November 2006 release of SSMA for Sybase contains the following changes:

  • New global settings:

    • You can opt to show line numbers in editor windows.

    • You can configure SSMA to prompt to replace duplicate objects, or always or never replace duplicate objects during schema conversion.

  • New conversion options let you configure how SSMA handles the following situations:

    • A CAST or CONVERT statement that contains a binary string

    • Checks for null values in equality expressions

    • Proxy tables

    • User message error numbers for RAISERROR

    • UPDATE statements that contain unresolved identifiers

  • A new migration option lets you specify how SSMA should handle dates that are outside the SQL Server date range.

  • A Formatted SQL setting on the SQL tab, which formats the code for improved readability.

  • Bug fixes that include the following:

    • SSMA now converts LOCK TABLE table IN { SHARED | EXCLUSIVE } MODE statements by adding a TABLOCK or TABLOCKX hint to the subsequent SELECT query on the table.

    • The necessary casts are now added when binary types are used in character expressions.

    • Memory and performance improvements.

The July 2006 release of SSMA for Sybase was the initial release.

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