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Working with SSMA for Sybase Console (SybaseToSQL)

SQL Server 2012

Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), release for Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), is now accessible through a console application at command line. The script files form the input to the application for executing the commands. As a console application, SSMA enables script-level interfacing, reduces the migration cycle, and scales the migration effort.

This section explains the procedure to migrate the ASE database using the SSMA Console application.

Topics covered in this section include:



Getting Started with SSMA for Sybase Console (SybaseToSQL)

Explains the procedure to execute the console application.

Command Line Options in SSMA Console (SybaseToSQL)

Describes the command line options and parameters to operate the SSMA console application.

Creating Script Files (SybaseToSQL)

Explains how to create a script file.

Creating Variable Value Files (SybaseToSQL)

Explains how to create a variable value file.

Creating the Server Connection Files (SybaseToSQL)

Explains how to create a server connection file.

Executing the SSMA Console (SybaseToSQL)

Describes the script file commands to operate the SSMA console application.

Working with the Sample Console Script Files (SybaseToSQL)

Describes the way to easily customize the scripts that have been provided in the sample files along with the product

Managing Passwords (SybaseToSQL)

Describes about password encryption and decryption, and importing/ exporting password information.

Generating Reports (SybaseToSQL)

Lists the commands to generate reports.

Troubleshooting (SybaseToSQL)

Provides brief information about fixing migration issues.

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