Updating the Properties of a Configuration Package


This section provides instructions for updating the properties of a configuration package.

Configuration packages can only be updated or viewed on the server on which they were created.

  1. In Configuration Manager console, in the left pane, expand Site Database, expand Computer Management, expand Embedded Device Management, and expand Device Configuration.

  2. Click Configuration Packages, right-click the configuration package that you want to update, and then click Properties.

  3. On the General page, you can update the following properties and then click OK:

    • Name: The name of the configuration package. If you change the name, this configuration package will remain associated with the programs and advertisements for the original configuration package.
    • Description: The description of the configuration package.
    • Source Site: The name of the source site. This is a read-only property. You can view the source site, but not update it.