THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO: yesSQL Server (starting with 2012)noAzure SQL DatabasenoAzure SQL Data Warehouse noParallel Data Warehouse

Displays information about messages that were logged during operations.

Column nameData typeDescription
Event_message_IDbigintThe unique ID of the event message.
Operation_idbigintThe type of operation.

For a list of operation types, see catalog.operations (SSISDB Database).
Message_timedatetimeoffset(7)The time the message was created.
Message_typesmallintThe type of message displayed. For more information about message types, see catalog.operation_messages (SSISDB Database).
Message_source_typesmallintThe source of the message.
messagenvarchar(max)The text of the message.
Extended_info_idbigintThe ID of additional information that relates to the operation message, found in the catalog.extended_operation_info (SSISDB Database) view.
Package_namenvarchar(260)The name of the package file.
Event_namenvarchar(1024)The run-time event associated with the message.
Message_source_namenvarchar(4000)The package component that is the source of the message.
Message_source_idnvarchar(38)The unique ID of the source of the message.
Subcomponent_namenvarchar(4000)The data flow component that is the source of the message.

When messages are returned by the Integration Services engine, SSIS.Pipeline appears in this column.
Package_pathnvarchar(max)The unique path of the component within the package.
Execution_pathnvarchar(max)The full path from the parent package to the point in which the component is executed.

This path also captures iterations of a component.
threadIDintID for the thread that is executing when the message is logged.
Message_codeintThe code associated with the message.

This view displays the following message source types.

10Entry APIs, such as T-SQL and CLR Stored procedures
20External process used to run package (ISServerExec.exe)
30Package-level objects
40Control Flow tasks
50Control Flow containers
60Data Flow task

This view requires one of the following permissions:

  • READ permission on the operation

  • Membership to the ssis_admin database role.

  • Membership to the sysadmin server role.


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