Installing Update 1 for Forefront UAG SP1

Applies To: Unified Access Gateway

This section describes how to install Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) Service Pack 1 Update 1.

Forefront UAG SP1 Update 1 can be installed as an update that can be installed on Forefront UAG SP1.

Forefront UAG SP1 Update 1 can be obtained from the Microsoft Download Center (

Installing SP1 Update 1 as an update

Installation recommendations

Before you install SP1 Update 1, we recommend that you create a system restore point. You do not need to make a backup of your existing Forefront UAG configuration because a backup is automatically created during the installation of the update; however, we also recommend that you back up your configuration before installing the update.

Import limitations

You cannot import the configuration from a previous release of Forefront UAG; therefore, if you deploy SP1 Update 1 in a lab, or test environment before you deploy it on your production servers, you must do the following:

  1. On the servers in your test environment, install the version of Forefront UAG that is currently installed on your production servers.

  2. Export the configuration from your production servers.

  3. Import the configuration onto the servers in your test environment.

  4. Upgrade the servers in your test environment to SP1 Update 1.