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How to Edit SLA Metrics


In System Center 2012 – Service Manager, you edit a service level agreement (SLA) metric to update the title, start date, and end date. After you edit a metric, you associate it with a service level objective. If the metric is already associated with a service level objective, it appears in the Related SLA(s) area.


You should avoid making changes to an SLA metric that is in use because changing it might cause performance problems. If possible, edit in-use SLA metrics during a period of minimal system use, such during as a maintenance period.

To edit an SLA metric

  1. In the Service Manager console, click Administration.

  2. In the Administration pane, expand Service Level Management, and then click Metric.

  3. In the Metric list, select an existing metric, and then in the Tasks pane, under <MetricName>, click Properties.

  4. In the Create/Edit Metric dialog box, modify any of the following items, as needed:

    • Title

    • Description

    • Start date

    • End date

  5. Click OK to close the Create/Edit Metric dialog box.

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