Environmental Lighting Optimizer

Microsoft Surface units use infrared lights to recognize touch input on the Microsoft Surface screen, which makes lighting very important. For more information, see Lighting Considerations.

Checking the Ambient Light

You can use the Environmental Lighting Optimizer to adjust for small lighting issues from a room's lighting conditions or a Microsoft Surface unit's position. You should use this tool every time that you move a Microsoft Surface unit to a new location or that lighting changes significantly.

To run the Environmental Lighting Optimizer

  1. Position the Microsoft Surface unit in the desired location.

  2. In Windows Mode, double-click the Environmental Lighting Optimizer desktop shortcut.

    A color mapping displays on the Microsoft Surface screen. Areas that appear red indicate where the environmental lighting will adversely affect contact detection. Areas that are green indicate that the lighting conditions are good. Yellow indicates that touch performance is degraded. Optimal performance occurs when the entire display area is covered in green. Because the tool covers the entire display area of the Microsoft Surface screen, the red areas directly indicate where there are lighting issues.

Environment Lighting Optimizer Image

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