Change the settings of an address book policy


Applies to: Exchange Online, Exchange Server 2013

Topic Last Modified: 2016-03-30

After you create an address book policy (ABP), you can view or modify the name and the assigned global address list (GAL), offline address book (OAB), room list, and address lists.

For additional management tasks related to ABPs, see Address book policy procedures.

This example changes the OAB, room list, and GAL that will be used by mailbox users who are assigned the ABP named All Fabrikam ABP.

Set-AddressBookPolicy -Identity "All Fabrikam ABP" -OfflineAddressBook \Fabrikam-OAB-2 -GlobalAddressList "\All Fabrikam GAL" -RoomList "\All Fabrikam Rooms"

The address lists that you specify for an existing ABP replace all address lists in the ABP.

This example replaces the existing address lists with the address lists named GovernmentAgencyA-Atlanta and GovernmentAgencyA-Moscow for the ABP named Government Agency A.

Set-AddressBookPolicy -Identity "Government Agency A" -AddressLists "GovernmentAgencyA-Atlanta","GovernmentAgencyA-Moscow"

To preserve address lists that are already defined in an ABP, you need to specify those address lists when you add new ones to the ABP.

This example adds the address list named Contoso-Chicago to the ABP named ABP Contoso, which is already configured to use the address list named Contoso-Seattle.

Set-AddressBookPolicy -Identity "ABP Contoso" -AddressLists "Contoso-Chicago","Contoso-Seattle"

To remove existing address lists that are already defined in an ABP, you need to specify the address lists that you want to keep.

For example, the ABP named ABP Fabrikam uses the address lists named Fabrikam-HR and Fabrikam-Finance. To remove the Fabrikam-HR address list from the ABP, specify the Fabrikam-Finance address list that you want to keep.

Set-AddressBookPolicy -Identity "ABP Fabrikam" -AddressLists Fabrikam-Finance

For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Set-AddressBookPolicy.