The Log Generation Number is Not Reset if You Delete the Physical Files in an Exchange Server 2010 Database

Exchange 2010

Applies to: Exchange Server 2010 SP3

Topic Last Modified: 2011-09-09

The current log generation does not reset in a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 cluster database if you do the following:

  • You delete the physical files in the cluster database

  • You leave the objects in Active Directory directory service

  • You do not delete the files in the cluster database

The system tracks the current log generation as part of the logic to maintain the loss calculation. This number is not reset by deleting the files.

To resolve this issue, an administrator must use the Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase cmdlet together with the MountDialOverride parameter to complete a lossless move of the active database to the cluster database. The value of the current log generation is determined again based on the available files. Then, the value is saved.

For more information about the Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase cmdlet, see Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase.

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