Preparing Device Manager 2011 to Run Forefront Endpoint Protection


Both Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 and Windows Embedded Device Manager 2011 run under Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP2. Before you can use Device Manager 2011 to run Endpoint Protection tasks on your devices, you must complete the steps described in the following table.

Step Reference

Set up Configuration Manager on a server computer.

Install Forefront Endpoint Protection 2010 SP1 on the server computer running Configuration Manager.

Install Device Manager 2011 on the server computer running Configuration Manager and Endpoint Protection.

Install the Configuration Manager client software on the Windows Embedded based devices that you want to manage with Device Manager 2011.

Install Device Manager 2011 client on the devices that you want to manage.

Create the collection of devices on which you want to run Endpoint Protection tasks.