Data Quality Matching Columns (MDS Add-in for Excel)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

In the Master Data ServicesAdd-in for Excel, after you match data, in the Data Quality group on the ribbon, you can click Show Details to display columns that provide matching details.

The following table shows the columns that are displayed when matching data.

CLUSTER_IDA unique identifier used to group similar records. All rows that are similar have the same CLUSTER_ID. If no CLUSTER_ID is displayed for a row, then no similar records were found.
RECORD_IDA unique identifier used to identify records. Similar to the Code value stored in the MDS repository, it is a value used to identify a record. It is generated automatically each time matching takes place.
PIVOT_MARKAn arbitrary record that other records are compared to; it does not have a score value.
SCORERepresents how similar the records in the group are to the pivot record. This score is determined by DQS. If no score is displayed, either the record is the pivot for other records, or no matches were found.

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