Reporting Services Site Collection Features


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Reporting Services SharePoint mode provides three SharePoint site collection features. The features support the general Reporting Services SharePoint mode reporting environment, Power View, a feature of the SQL Server 2016Reporting Services Add-in for SharePoint Server 2010 Enterprise Edition, and management operations for Reporting Services in SharePoint Central Administration.

The following table describes the Reporting Services site collection features.

Report Server Central Administration FeatureEnables Features for managing integration with a Reporting Services report server. This feature is only installed and used in the SharePoint Central Administration site collection.

The Report server integration feature is automatically activated in SharePoint Central Administration Site collection after you install the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services (SSRS) Add-in for SharePoint products. In some situations you will need to manually activate the feature. To activate the report server feature, use the Reporting Services pages in SharePoint Central Administration's Site Settings page.

The SQL Server 2008 R2Reporting Services version and later of the Add-in for SharePoint products will activate the report server integration feature for all existing site collections when the Add-in is installed. Additionally, the feature will be automatically active for new site collections.
Report Server Integration FeatureEnables rich reporting using Microsoft Reporting Services

This feature is Active by default.
Power View Integration FeatureEnables interactive data exploration and visual presentation against Power Pivot work books and Analysis services tabular databases.

The feature can be accessed by the context menus of the following data sources:



 .bism connection file


If Power View does not appear in the context menus, verify the Power View Integration Feature is activated.

This feature is deactivated by default.

Activate the Report Server and Power View Integration Features in SharePoint
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