The E-mail Router Configuration Manager makes sending and receiving e-mail from Microsoft Dynamics CRM flexible. With this flexibility comes the requirement to configure several aspects of the E-mail Router for the ways your organization uses it. This document contains procedures you can follow to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail in different deployment scenarios, with a focus on the following components:

  • The Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router

  • Forward mailbox

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

The scenario that you deploy will depend on how well these components meet the needs of your organization. A deployment frequently combines components. For example, within one organization, some users can use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router for sending and tracking e-mail in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and other users can use Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook for that purpose.

This document describes six scenarios. Three of them apply to installations that include the on-premises deployment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, and three apply to installations that include Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. The following sections briefly describe these scenarios: