Topic Last Modified: 2012-04-23

Verifies that the push notification service is working. The push notification service (Apple Push Notification Service and Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Push Notification Service) provides a way to send notifications about events such as new instant messages or new voice mail to mobile devices like iPhones and Windows Phones, even if the Microsoft Lync 2010 application on those devices is currently suspended or running in the background.

Test-CsMcxPushNotification -AccessEdgeFqdn <String> [-Certificate <X509Certificate2>] [-Force <SwitchParameter>] [-OutVerboseVariable <String>]

The Apple Push Notification Service and the Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Push Notification Service enable users running Lync 2010 on their Apple iPhone or Windows Phone to receive notifications about Lync 2010 events even when Lync 2010 is suspended or running in the background. For example, users can receive notice for events such as these:

- Invitations to a new instant messaging session or conference

- New instant messages

- New voice mail

Without the push notification service, users would receive these notices only when Lync 2010 was in the foreground and serving as the active application.

The Test-CsMcxPushNotification cmdlet provides a way for administrators to verify that the push notification service is working.

Who can run this cmdlet: By default, members of the following groups are authorized to run the Test-CsMcxPushNotification cmdlet locally: RTCUniversalServerAdmins.


Parameter Required Type Description




Fully qualified domain name of the Access Edge server used to connect to the push notification service.



X509 Certificate object

Enables you to specify an X509 certificate to use for authentication purposes




Suppresses the display of any non-fatal error message that might occur when running the command.



Switch Parameter

When present, detailed output from running the cmdlet will be stored in the specified variable. For example, to store output in a variable named $TestOutput use the following syntax

-OutVerboseVariable TestOutput

Do not prepend a $ character when specifying the variable name.

None. Test-CsMcxPushNotification does not accept pipelined input.

Test-CsMcxPushNotification returns an instance of the Microsoft.Rtc.SyntheticTransactions.TaskOutput object.

-------------------------- Example 1 --------------------------

Test-CsMcxPushNotification -AccessEdgeFqdn "atl-edge-001.litwareinc.com"

The command shown in Example 1 tests the push notification service accessed through the Edge server atl-edge-001.litwareinc.com.