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The SQL Server instance '%s' is not a replication publisher. Run sp_adddistributor on SQL Server instance '%s' with distributor '%s' in order to enable the instance to host the publishing database '%s'. Make certain to specify the same login and password as that used for the original publisher.

In order to host the publisher database, the instance of SQL Server must be a replication publisher. sp_validate_redirected_publisher calls sp_helpdistributor at the remote server to determine whether the server is a replication publisher. This error is returned when execution of the stored procedure sp_helpdistributor indicates that the target instance of SQL Server is not a replication publisher.

Execute sp_adddistributor at the instance of SQL Server that hosts the publisher database. When running sp_adddistributor, specify the correct distributor. Use the same value for the @password parameter as that used when sp_adddistributor was initially run at the distributor.