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iSCSI Cmdlets in Windows PowerShell

Windows Server 2012 R2 and Windows 8.1

Windows PowerShell® is a task-based command-line shell and scripting language designed especially for system administration. This reference topic for the information technology (IT) professional provides assistance in utilizing the Windows PowerShell cmdlets to script and automate tasks.

iSCSI Initiator

This reference provides cmdlet descriptions and syntax for all iSCSI Initiator-specific cmdlets. It lists the cmdlets in alphabetical order based on the verb at the beginning of the cmdlet.


cmdlet Description


Establishes a connection between the local iSCSI initiator, and the specified iSCSI target device.


Disconnects sessions to the specified iSCSI target object.


Gets information about connected iSCSI initiator connections.


Retrieves information about established iSCSI sessions.


Returns an iSCSI target object for each iSCSI target that is registered with the iSCSI initiator.


Gives the list of target portals which have been set for discovery.


Configures an iSCSI target portal.


Registers an active iSCSI session to be persistent using the session identifier as input.


Removes the specified iSCSI target portal.


Sets a CHAP secret key for use with iSCSI initiator connections.


Removes an active iSCSI session from being persistent using the session identifier as input.


Refreshes the information about connected iSCSI target objects.


Updates information about the specified iSCSI target portal.

To list all the cmdlets that are available, use the Get-Command -Module iSCSI cmdlet.

For more information about, or for the syntax of, any of the cmdlets, use the Get-Help <cmdlet name> cmdlet, where <cmdlet name> is the name of the cmdlet that you want to research. For more detailed information, you can run any of the following cmdlets:

Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Detailed
Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Examples
Get-Help <cmdlet name> -Full

To produce a complete help list, use the following cmdlet:
Get-Command –Module iSCSI | Sort-Object –Property Name | Get-Help –Full | Out-File

More Information

For more information about the cmdlets, see the following:

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