How to Set HelpInfo XML Version Numbers


This topic explains how to set and increase the version numbers in an Updatable Help Information file, commonly known as a "HelpInfo XML file."

The version numbers in a HelpInfo XML file are critical to the operation of Updatable Help. The Update-Help and Save-Help cmdlets download new help files only when the version number for a UI culture in the remote HelpInfo XML file is greater than the version number for that UI culture in the local HelpInfo XML, or there is no local HelpInfo XML file.

The HelpInfo XML file uses the 4-part version number that is defined in the System.Version class of the Microsoft .NET Framework. The format is N1.N2.N3.N4. Module authors can use any version numbering scheme that is permitted by the System.Version class. Updatable Help requires only that the version number for a UI culture increase when a new version of the CAB file for that UI culture is uploaded to the location that is specified by the HelpContentURI element in the HelpInfo XML file.

The following example shows the elements of the HelpInfo XML file for the German (de-DE) UI culture when the version is


The version number for a UI culture reflects the version of the CAB file for that UI culture. The version number applies to the entire CAB file. You cannot set different version numbers for different files in the CAB file. The version number for each UI culture is evaluated independently and need not be related to the version numbers for other UI cultures that the module supports.