File Types Permitted in an Updatable Help CAB File


Updated: March 23, 2012

Applies To: Windows PowerShell 3.0

This topics lists and describes the content requirements for Updatable Help CAB files.

Uncompressed CAB file content is limited to 1 GB by default. To bypass this limit, users have to use the Force parameter of the Update-Help and Save-Help cmdlets.

To assure the security of help files that are downloaded from the Internet, an Updatable Help CAB file can include only the file types listed below. The Update-Help cmdlet validates all files against the help topic schemas. If the Update-Help cmdlet encounters a file that is invalid or is not a permitted type, it does not install the invalid file and stops installing files from the CAB on the user's computer.

  • XML-based help topics for cmdlets.

  • XML-based help topics for scripts and functions.

  • XML-based help topics for Windows PowerShell providers.

  • Text-based help topics, such as About topics.

The Update-Help verifies the CAB contents when it unpacks the CAB. If Update-Help finds non-compliant file types in an Updatable Help CAB file, it generates a terminating error and stops the operation. It does not install any help files from the CAB, even those of compliant file types.