How to Name an Updatable Help CAB File


This topic explains the required name format for the Updatable Help cabinet (.CAB) files.

A Updatable cabinet (.CAB) file must have a name with the following format.


The elements of the name are as follows.


The value of the Name property of the ModuleInfo object that the Get-Module cmdlet returns.


The value of the GUID key in the module manifest.


The UI culture of the help files in the CAB file. This value must match the value of one of the UICulture elements in the HelpInfo XML file for the module.

For example, if the module name is "TestModule," the module GUID is 9cabb9ad-f2ac-4914-a46b-bfc1bebf07f9, and the UI culture is "en-US", the name of the CAB file would be: