Install the Cloud Services Runbooks

Updated: May 7, 2012

Applies To: System Center 2012 - Service Manager, System Center 2012 SP1 - Service Manager

The Cloud Services runbooks are required to create the VMM self-service user roles that are used when assigning quota to cloud resources subscriptions. The Cloud Services runbooks are also required to create, update, and decommission virtual machines. The Cloud Services runbooks must be installed on the management server that is running System Center 2012 - Orchestrator.

To perform these tasks, you need to be an administrator on the management server as well as an Orchestrator administrator.

If you have installed an older version of the Cloud Services runbooks, you will need to uninstall the older version and then install the newer version.

To uninstall the Cloud Services runbooks

  1. Delete the System Center Cloud Services runbooks folder (for example, SM-Cloud Services) using the Orchestrator Runbook Designer.

  2. Go to Control Panel.

  3. On the Uninstall or change a program page, select System Center Cloud Services Runbooks and click Uninstall.

To install the Cloud Services runbooks

  1. Download the file to a folder on the server that is running Orchestrator.

  2. Open the zip file and double-click System Center Cloud Services Process Pack.exe.

  3. Click Unzip to extract the setup files and click Ok. The setup wizard will appear.

  4. In the Cloud Services Process Pack Setup Wizard, select Cloud services runbooks.

  5. On the Product registration page, read and accept the license agreement, and then click Next.

  6. On the Prerequisites, System check results page, if the prerequisite check passed, click Next.

  7. On the Configure System Center Orchestrator account and Database page, provide the administrator account details of the Orchestrator management server, the Orchestrator database server, and the database name details. If the validations are successful, click Next.

  8. On the Configure the System Center Orchestrator connections page, the name in the Runbooks folder name area cannot be changed - this is a default field. Type the connection name that was configured in Orchestrator for System Center 2012 – Service Manager in the System Center Service Manager connection name area and click Next.

    The angle bracket characters (< >) are not allowed in the connection name. If your connection name includes these characters, you should rename your connection and then install Cloud Services runbooks.

  9. On the Installation summary page, review and verify that the correct features are selected, and then click Install.

  10. On the Setup completed successfully page, click Close.