What’s New in Version 4.0

SQL Server 2012

The Microsoft OLE DB Provider for DB2 version 4.0 offers the following improvements:

  • Simplified installation program

  • Connectivity to DB2 for z/OS V10

  • Connectivity to DB2 for i5/OS V7R1

  • Client Transaction Load Balancing

  • OpenRowset using FastLoad when connecting to DB2 for z/OS and DB2 for LUW

  • Reading DB2 Binary Large Object (BLOB) and Character Large Object (CLOB) data types

  • Writing DB2 BLOB and CLOB data types using Command with Parameters

  • DB2 Decimal as OLE DB Numeric data type mapping

  • SQL Server DATETIME2 data type

  • DB2 long object identifiers

  • Accessing DB2 tables with large number of columns and parameters

  • Reading schema information stored in DB2 shadow catalog tables

  • Session and command source identifiers

  • Reason codes included in error information

  • Extended error documentation