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Connect a Host to a Virtual Network (Script)

Updated: November 1, 2013

Applies To: System Center 2012 - Virtual Machine Manager, System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager

To make logical networks available to virtual machines on an external virtual network, you must associate a logical network with the physical network adapter on a host, and configure virtual network settings.

For more information about configuring network settings on Hyper-V hosts, see How to Configure Network Settings on a Hyper-V Host.


The following script takes input for the VMHostName, LogNetName, HostAdapterName, and VirtualNetName parameters and associates the host with a logical network. The script then creates a virtual network on the host.

# Description:   This script associates a virtual machine host with a logical 
#                network and then creates a virtual network for the host.

Param (
   [String] $VMHostName=$(throw "Please provide the name of a virtual machine host."),

   [String] $LogNetName=$(throw "Please provide the name of a logical network."),

   [String] $HostAdapterName=$(throw "Please provide the name of the host adapter."),

   [String] $VirtualNetName=$(throw "Please provide the virtual network name.")

# Get the virtual machine host.
$VMHost = Get-SCVMHost -ComputerName $VMHostName

# Get the logical network.
$LogNet = Get-SCLogicalNetwork -Name $LogNetName

# Get the network adapter for the host.
$HostAdapter = Get-SCVMHostNetworkAdapter -VMHost $VMHost -Name $HostAdapterName

# Set the logical network on the host.
Set-SCVMHostNetworkAdapter -VMHostNetworkAdapter $HostAdapter -AddOrSetLogicalNetwork $LogNet

# Create the virtual network.
New-SCVirtualNetwork -Name $VirtualNetName -Description "External virtual network for $VMHost" -VMHost $VMHost -VMHostNetworkAdapter $HostAdapter

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