Published: March 30, 2012

Updated: September 15, 2012

Applies To: Windows 8, Windows Server 2012


Gets the Culture (User Locale) from the language list opt-out setting for the current user account.


Get-WinCultureFromLanguageListOptOut [ <CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

The Get-WinCultureFromLanguageListOptOut cmdlet gets the Culture (User Locale) override setting for the current user account. When set to TRUE, the Culture setting is not updated by changes to the Windows display language. When set the FALSE, the Culture setting can be reassigned to match the display language changes any time that the display language changes. The default setting is FALSE.



This cmdlet supports the common parameters: -Verbose, -Debug, -ErrorAction, -ErrorVariable, -OutBuffer, and -OutVariable. For more information, see about_CommonParameters.


The output type is the type of the objects that the cmdlet emits.

  • Boolean

    A Boolean value that reports the status of this setting.


Example 1

PS C:\> Get-WinCultureFromLanguageListOptOut

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