Buy a subscription

Published: June 8, 2012

Updated: February 27, 2014

This topic provides online help content for cloud services, such as Windows Intune and Office 365, which rely on Windows Azure Active Directory for identity and directory services.

After using a trial subscription for a Microsoft cloud service, you can buy the subscription or choose different services to purchase.

When you buy subscriptions after participating in a trial, you can either purchase subscriptions that you were in trial with, or you can choose other subscription options. If you want to add more subscriptions after you purchase your trial subscription, see Buy subscriptions for your organization.

When you buy a subscription for a product you have used in a trial, user accounts created during your trial subscription are automatically included, although you need to specify how many licenses you want to buy. If you buy other subscriptions—subscriptions that you have not used in a trial—you’ll need to assign to users licenses for the new subscriptions after you make your purchase. To learn more about assigning licenses, see Manage licenses.

To buy subscriptions after trying a Microsoft cloud service

  1. On the Admin page, in the left pane, under Subscriptions, click Manage.

  2. On the Billing and subscription management page, click the trial plan that you want to buy.

  3. On the Subscription details page, click Buy now.

  4. On the Purchase subscriptions page, you can expand More offers to make additional selections. When you are finished, click Add to cart.

    If you don’t select any of the check boxes under More offers, click the arrow to collapse the list of offers before you click Add to cart.

  5. On the Customize your order page, type the number of user licenses that you want to buy, and then click Check out.

  6. Complete the rest of the purchasing wizard to finish buying your subscriptions.

As you step through the wizard, be aware of these things:

  • The company address that you provided when you signed up for the trial is the default service usage address for your subscriptions. You can edit the service usage address for subscriptions in your order by doing the following: on the right pane, under Service usage address, click Edit.

    The service usage address is used to determine your taxes and your data center location.

  • If a Microsoft Authorized Partner helped you with this purchasing decision and gave you advice about the cloud service and you want to associate your subscriptions with the partner in your order, do the following: in the right pane, under Partner information, click Add.